Ladies - Not Using a Double Edge Razor? It’s Time to Upgrade

Ladies - Not Using a Double Edge Razor? It’s Time to Upgrade

Andrew Weiss

Think about the last time you went to buy a razor. You found the shaving aisle. You’re facing a wall of razors. There’s a lot of pink. And plastic. Pretty packaging, all promising the smoothest shave, and the silkiest skin. Every brand boasting about having more blades than the next.

Why have three blades when you can have five? More is better...right? You grab the package with six blades.

Fast forward to using your new razor. You’re careful - trying to avoid any nicks. It does the job. But after toweling off you’ve got some discomfort. Razor burn here and there. It’s frustrating, but you deal with it. It’s really not that uncommon of a result.

Why is it that these razors promising an excellent shave rarely deliver? 

The problem is the blades. All of the extra blades are major overkill - and do more harm than good. We’ve been duped by advertisements telling us what's best. I mean, why wouldn’t a razor with six blades give you the smoothest shave ever? 

Multiple blades are detrimental to the quality of your shave, and the health of your skin. 

When you have multiple blades, they pass over your skin several times. Advertisements share the purpose is for the first blade to pull up the hair, and the subsequent blades cut it off. This lift and cut system sounds like you’re getting a super close shave.

Turns out...these extra blades start to cut the hair under the skin. This leads to hair getting stuck beneath the skin - causing the dreaded ingrown hair. These irritated skin follicles result in those angry, unsightly, painful red bumps.

Your intent was smooth, touchable legs. Now you have a tender red rash. 

What do you typically do when you get a bad case of razor burn? Take a few more days off shaving. The problem is the next time you shave with longer hair - this same problem is even more likely to happen. Your hair is longer and pulls more on your already sensitive skin.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Your shaving experience went from a routine, relaxing ritual to a painful regret.

It’s time to upgrade to one, double edge razor. We promise you won’t miss those pink plastic disposable razors.  The MkII Double edge razor paired with double edge blades is sleek and visually appealing. This high quality razor not only adds beauty to your bathroom, but provides that smooth shave minus the irritation. 

A single blade gives you greater control over your shave. One pass over your leg skims over the surface of your skin, taking your hair but leaving your skin. 

You get the smooth shave you desire minus the irritation, bumps, and redness.

Another benefit? No more clogged blades. Clogged blades accumulate bacteria, especially when sitting in your shower between uses. That’s the last thing you want on your skin when shaving.

If you want to increase the quality of your razor, and the results of your shave - decrease your blades. Try out a double edge razor - we’ll show you what a quality, close shave is really like.